The Pacifist


Infinity Ronin
One day during the 1,000 Year Robot Wars a group of warriors stopped. They flipped their “independent thought” switches on, unplugged themselves from the mainframe and walked away. As they stood around the senseless robot carnage they decided to pair off and go their separate ways looking for better ways to serve the world. They had an agreement, however, if a member of the pairing should fall the other would make his way back to the temple and wait for a new partner. These are their stories.


On his first outing th Pacifist watched his partner get senselessly mangled by a forest griffon. A creature long to be believed extinct. After this accidently horror the Pacifist threw down his power sword and ripped out the cords to his power pack. He then decided to try to walk the world in search of a new peace.


based off  a 5 inch MADL

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