Take Apart Time

There are many toys out there. Do it yourself blanks and full fledge production runs. Both are fodder to be reworked. I have struggled over the years to take these guys apart. Sometimes very successful sometimes there are broken parts.

The goal of this blog and a few others are to talk about and show what these toys look like when they’re apart.

The first issue is to consider why we want to take them apart.
1) cleaning, there is always mold release may still hang around. Not getting that grease off my screw up your paint.
2) ease of handling

What to use when you want to start taking it apart.
1) boil in water
2) hair dryer or heat gun
3) brute force

Boiling is slow and a tad messy. The hardest part is finding a pot you designate only for toy deconstruction.

Heat gun or blow dryer- the fastest way to soften up vinyl and pull them apart.

Brute force, the curiosity method of just pulling the parts out. This method may result in broken parts.

The first toy up is coming soon!